• If you reside in and were vaccinated in a location not listed on our Find My Issuer page, you may not be able to get a SMART Health Card.

  • If there is an error in the data displaying on your SMART Health Card, please contact your SMART Health Card issuer or your location's immunization registry for support. Contact information is available from the CDC here.

  • If neither the state/territory/country in which you were vaccinated nor your vaccination provider is issuing SMART Health Cards, here are two alternative routes you can try for securing a SMART Health Card for COVID-19 vaccination verification:

    • MyChart

      You might be able to have your immunization information uploaded to a health care provider that is using the Epic MyChart system and is issuing SMART Health Cards. Epic has a listing of all those providers here.

      Many times, these SMART Health Cards issuers are pulling your records from the state immunization registry, so you may find that you don't have to do anything more than enroll in a participating provider's MyChart instance, and your immunization records will automatically show up.

      If not - for example if you had vaccinations done in different states - you can still work with the provider to enter your info into their system to update your record.

      Here is a video from Epic for more information:

      Once you have an active MyChart account and you have logged into your account, follow the directions here. You can access MyChart through your provider's website or the MyChart mobile app.

    • Express Scripts

      If your health insurance plan uses Express Scripts to manage your prescription drug coverage, you might be able to access your SMART Health Card via the Express Scripts mobile app. SMART Health Cards will only be available in the Express Scripts app if both of the following statements are true:

      1. the vaccinations were administered by a pharmacy, and

      2. the pharmacy billed your plan through Express Scripts for administering the vaccine.

      Not everyone will be able to get a SMART Health Card this way.

      If you need help activating the Express Scripts app, or accessing your SMART Health Card in the app, call Express Scripts at the number listed on the back of your insurance card.

Need more help?

  • Visit our Issuers page to see a full listing of all organizations that issue SMART Health Cards.
  • See our SMART Health Cards FAQ for more information.