What is a SMART Health Card?

SMART Health Cards are paper or digital versions of your clinical information, such as vaccination history or test results. They allow you to keep a copy of your records on hand and easily share this information with others if you choose.

SMART Health Cards may be printed on paper or digital.

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How do SMART Health Cards Work?

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Get it

You might receive a paper or digital SMART Health Card from any organization that has your clinical information, such as a pharmacy, doctor’s office, or state immunization registry. If you haven’t received one, you may be able to request it through that organization’s website or a compatible app.

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Save it

You can keep a SMART Health Card as a digital file on your phone, computer or anywhere you store digital information. You can also save a paper SMART Health Card and make copies for safe-keeping. If you are a parent or a caregiver, you can keep SMART Health Cards for others, just as you do with other clinical information.

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Share it

You can share a SMART Health Card with others if you choose. For example, you might share it to show your vaccine status for school registration or travel. You share a SMART Health Card by letting someone scan the 2D barcode (QR code) on your paper or phone screen. You may also send it as a file or through a phone app.

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Where might you use your SMART Health Card?

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SMART Health Cards can help you easily share your clinical information with an organization that asks for it.

For example, some airports may ask to verify your clinical information, including vaccination status, for certain types of travel. You may also be asked to show your clinical information to register for school or at your workplace. Watch this video to learn how to add SMART Health Cards to a digital wallet for quick and easy access when needed.

SMART Health Cards and Privacy

SMART Health Cards contain just the information required to display your vaccination history and/or test status, and the choice to share your Card is up to you. In most cases that means:

Green checkmark

They contain:

  • Your legal name and date of birth
  • Your clinical information
  • Tests: date, manufacturer, and result
  • Vaccinations: type, date, and location

Red X

They should not contain:

  • Your phone number
  • Your address
  • Your government-issued identifier
  • Any other health information

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