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Chunk-based QR representation of larger Health Cards (JWS > 1195 characters). Defines shc:/<n>/<c>/ prefix, where <n> represents a chunk number and <c> represents the total chunk count.


Added shc:/ prefix for QR representations.


Significant API overhaul to reduce scope and simplify dependencies. See PR#64 for details.

  • Remove user DIDs from the picture. They were already optional, and in some of our most important flows unlikely to be available.

  • Remove the need to bind an issuer to a holder ahead of time. SMART on FHIR clients can now call $HealthWallet.issueVc without having to call $HealthWallet.connect first

  • Update $HealthWallet.issueVc response to use valueString (avoids the need for base64 encoding in the FHIR Parameters resource)

  • Replace DID-based key discovery with hosted JSON Web Key. Establish the requirement that Issuers host .well-known/jwks.json

  • Define requirements for keeping Health Cards' JWS representation small (small enough to fit in a QR code) -- including size limits and a method for splitting a Health Card into a Health Card Set when the size limit cannot be met

  • Document process for embedding Health Cards in QR codes

  • Update file extension and MIME type for representing Health Cards as downloadable files (.smart-health-card and application/smart-health-card)

  • Remove SIOP flow For Verifier::Holder communications


Add optional resourceLink response parameter on $HealthWallet.issueVc


Change canonical domain to (from


Add detail on how to recognize encryption keys, signing keys, and linked domains in a DID Document


Add discovery params to .well-known/smart-configuration, allowing SMART on FHIR servers to advertise Health Cards capabilities


  • Clarify that .fhir-backed-vc files can contain JWS- or JWE-based VCs
  • Update JWS signature algorithm to ES256


Simplify demographics recommendations with one uniform "minimum set"


Updated encryption to use "alg": "ECDH-ES" (with "enc": "A256GCM")


Updated encryption to use "enc": "A256GCM"


  • Added links to overview / intro video
  • Updated SIOP request to identify requested credentials by type URL ( instead of health-wallet-covid19-card)


  • Update .well-known DID links and file URL to match latest spec


  • Use valueUri (which exists in DSTU2+) for FHIR datatypes rather than valueUrl (which was introduced after DSTU2)
  • Added encryptForKeyId parameter to $HealthWallet.issueVc operation, defaulting to absent == no encryption
  • Updated example VC JWT representations to ensure that the .vc.credentialSubject contains all subject-specific claims
  • Defined OperationOutcome payload for failed $HealthWallet.issueVc operations